This LEADING Fintoch Web3 DEFI Opportunity brings us exciting yields, usually reserved for the financial elite and at the velocity of technology coupled with the safely and stability of Peer2Peer ‘Zero Knowledge Proof’ Smart Contracts

This Fintoch opportunity is best described as becoming your own lending bank. Like a bank, we lend our own money and split the 2% daily yield with the Fintoch service platform. When we auto reinvest our principal to lend for longer than a 7-day smart contract, we compound our earnings weekly and can earn profit sharing. Using the Auto Reinvest setting, your Principal doubles in just 71 days. Fintoch expertise, known as the hybrid ‘zero knowledge proof’ system, preserves stability and safety to principal AND interest, making Fintoch platform the safest lending platform in history.

Our Fintoch Animated Introduction VideoFintoch ‘Big Picture’ PDF Presentation w Graphics

What is Web3 and How Do I Profit from It?

Our Fintoch Web3 DeFi Daily Profits Structure (As a Lender, You’re Earning Over 3271% APY !

  • Minimum deposit of 100 USDT
  • 7 days cycle lending, 1% daily profit
  • Automatic reinvestment option available.
  • 100% decentralized and run on smart contracts.
  • 5% withdrawal fee on profit received, not on initial deposit.
  • Profits can be reinvested and accumulated until the principal doubles.
  • Profits are available every 7 days cycle when the auto reinvest option is not turned on.
  • Compound weekly using the auto reinvest option; Double Your Principal in just 71 days.
  • Yield calculations are enhanced by auto reinvest to include higher one-day spot loan yields.
  • What is Fintoch exactly?! Official Link with FAQs

Fintoch Expertise, Credentials & Links 

Fintoch Official Website: TBD

Fintoch Audit Report: TBD

Fintoch Official White Paper: TBD


Video Before Morgan Stanley Finance: TBD

Video After Terminating Morgan Stanley: TBD


Fintoch Registration(s) State of California: TBD


Opening Actions – Initiating Your Fintoch Self-Mastery Process

Using your Android or Apple smartphone

  • Complete the Download of our Fintoch platform here at this link.
  • You may need to give permission in your phone “Apps” to complete Fintoch download
  • Turn on your phones’ VPN (we can use mine if necessary).
  • On your phone browser, open the Invite Link your sponsor sent you.
  • Create Wallet ID then copy the wallet ID
  • Turn off your phones VPN. Not needed anymore.
  • Open your Fintoch app; tap the hexagon in upper left corner of the screen
  • Tap “Identity Wallet”, then tap “Create Identity Wallet”
  • Paste your copied wallet ID where it says “Wallet ID”
  • Makeup your password and confirm it. Write down and do not forget.
  • Tap “Create” (Android) or “Create Identity” (Apple)
  • Proceed to “Backup Now” Write down IN ORDER your Trust Wallet 12 recovery phrases
  • Confirm, In Order, your 12 recovery phrases to complete your wallet set up.
  • Click “done”. Good Job! You are now ready to deposit and double in 71 days!

NOTE: The Fintoch App and Trust wallet(s) work very well on your Android/Apple phone. A VPN service is only used to create a wallet identity.

Call me to help, we have an option to use my VPN to create your wallet.

Authentic & Significant Media Releases 

AustraliaBusinessNews:  Morgan Stanley & Fintoch Create a New DeFi Model    

AccessWire News:  Fintoch Holds a Financial Public Chain Launch Centered in Vietnam

Coincu News Feed: Top 5 Crypto Projects With Highest Audit Trust Score (Jan 2023)

What About Team Building?

VERY User Friendly on your iOS & Android: Quick Download Link To Your Phone

After Your Download, Call me to help you Create & Add your Trust Wallet to Your Platform

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